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The Hosts

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David and Rachael bring the honest, humorous and heartwarming discussions they're having about their kids and marriage right to you.  


They're a lot like you - married for a little while (15 years) but not long enough to have anything figured out, fighting hard to love each other well, raising a wild little family of biological and adopted kids, staying engaged and loving extended family and birthmother well, remaining gainfully employed, serving their community well and maintaining a lighthearted and honest perspective through the whole thing.  

They both are passionate about marriage and family and through the "Growing Up With Kids" podcast and community they hope to offer a voice that shares water in the sometimes "desert-likeness" of family life. 



Motherhood has always been at the forefront of Rachael's mind, even as a child growing up in Littleton, CO.  When she left her job in sales and recruiting 12 years ago to stay home with her family she was thrilled...and blind sided.  


In some ways motherhood came naturally but has been surprisingly unnerving and sacrificial, full of uncertainty and self-doubt that has not been cured but certainly has grown her up with the kids.  She still considers it a privilege to be a stay-at-home mom with on-and-off again part-time endeavors that keep her involved and serving but for this season of life she loves couch snuggles with the kids, traveling, organizing, planning, 

coordinating volunteers...and of course...raising up these kids to be wonderful people (fingers crossed)!


David has proven to be too lazy to write his bio...check in again to see what he has to say about himself in a few weeks! (But his photo is cute!)

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